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Heb je een goed idee om Covid-19 te helpen verslaan met een data gedreven oplossing? Dan is wellicht het COVID-X programma interessant.

The COVID-X program will grant EU companies [Single Players] with 100K€ in equity-free funding to validate their data solutions in one of our clinical partners from Italy, Spain or Sweden. If the company brings in a Healthcare Provider that can validate the solution  [Team Players], the financial support will go up to 150K€ . The focus will be on clinical challenges related to diagnosis, prognosis or follow-up of COVID-19 patients, or on a new open challenge.

The Open Call#2, running now,  will select 15+ top-ranked solutions & the deadline for applications is on 22.07.2021 at 17:00 CEST  (Brussels Time)!

This is the deadline for the 1st Application Stage validating that the applicants meet the required selection criteria [TRL7+ , CE marking (or in process of) and a solid implementation plan]. Moreover, all selected applications are invited to submit their full proposal in the 2nd Application Stage from early August until the end September.

Meer informatie: www.covid-x.eu


The selected solutions will join our 10-months acceleration program to boost a quick market uptake. The plan of action will include technical support, ethical validation, and business coaching. In addition, participants deploy the COVID-X Sandbox, a one-stop platform to exploit COVID-19 data sources, incorporating general information on data silos, as well as the integration, visualization, and exploratory analysis for easy understanding.

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