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Free (online) Lecture on Degrowth & Law and Society

12 January @ 16:30 - 18:00

Could we do more with less? Do we need economic growth for our welfare? Or does our obsession with growth have the opposite effect? In a series of five lectures called ‘Will Degrowth Save the World?’ Egbert Dommerholt, together with guests, will try to answer these questions.

This series of lectures was inspired by the book ‘Less is More’ by Jason Hickel. Every month, starting in September, two speakers will explore our peculiar obsession with economic growth through a different perspective. All talks will be held in English. This is the fourth lecture in the series: Degrowth & Law and Society.

Degrowth & Law and Society

Date: Thursday 15 December, 16:00 17:00

Location: Aula, VanDoorenveste (and online)


Kees Brouwer: Kees Brouwer is a documentary maker for the Dutch TV-channel VPRO. He made a documentary about our obsession with consumption, growth, and stuff. He named it ‘Reaction’, its name and logo a cheeky nod to a certain chain of Dutch budget stores. Now, the Reaction movement has grown into a foundation, with locations all over the country. Each location is a business or shop dedicated to a sustainable business model that doesn’t urge consumers to buy more than they need. The Reaction is a movement against our obsession with more.

But don’t just take our word for it, listen to Kees describing it in the podcast Future Shock.

Marloes Moed: Marloes Moed is a lecturer-researcher, active in SIRE and in the Research Centre Biobased Economy. Her research at the research centre is focused on the legal hurdles that can stand in the way in the transition to a circular economy. How can the legal system help business owners in their transition to a sustainable business model, and how could it potentially hold them back? These topics will be discussed during the lecture.

Moderator: Sanne de Boer

Video link: This lecture will be available to view online. A view link will be made available nearer to the time.

Language: English


Seeing as we have seen “growth” as a synonym for “progress” and “development” for so long, it’s no surprise the uptake of this system will be slow, painful, and sometimes, nigh impossible. Resistance against de deglorification of growth is strong: from multinational companies, the government, the legal system, and the everyday person on the street. Experts have shown the benefits of a non-growth-focused system, but how do you convince a society that’s known nothing else? In this session, we will discuss the social and legal hurdles of a transition to a new economic mindset.

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