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Free (Online) Lecture Degrowth & Business

27/10/2022 @ 16:30 - 18:00

​​Could we do more with less? Do we need economic growth for our welfare? Or does our obsession with growth have the opposite effect? In a series of five lectures called ‘Will Degrowth Save the World?’ Egbert Dommerholt, together with guests, will try to answer these questions.

​This series of lectures was inspired by the book ‘Less is More’ by Jason Hickel. Every month, starting in September, two speakers will explore our peculiar obsession with economic growth through a different perspective. All talks will be held in English. This is the second lecture in the series: Degrowth & Business.

Degrowth & Business

Date: Thursday 27 October, 16:00 17:00

Location: Aula, VanDoorenveste (and online)


Elske Doets als spreker bij Will Degrowth Save the World.Elske Doets: Elske Doets is owner of travel company Doets Reizen, initiator of the socially engaged startup BuddyBold and founder of the Young Lady Business Academy (YLBA). With her striking vision on the future of society and economy. Key message of Elske is that we collectively have to come off old thinking patterns and reflexes. Everywhere Elske appears, she creates movement. And in a charming and light-footed way she shifts the focus from the disagreement to the structural solution. Her latest book ‘Bloom’ (‘a new scenario for growth’) has inspired many people to make u turnaround in their life.

Cécile van Oppen: Spreker Degrowth & BusinessCécile van Oppen: Cécile van Oppen is the co-founder of Copper8, a consultancy that advises companies on the circular economy and sustainable business models. Their clients include the municipality of Rotterdam and Utrecht, Waternet and Alliander. Her objective is to help people think about long term solutions, instead of short term fixes.

Copper8 is in essence a degrowth experiment itself. When Cécile and Noor Huitema founded the company in 2013 they wanted to challenge the traditional linear business model of consultancy. With an absolute cap at 15 consultants, a 4-day work week and an open source attitude to knowledge they are building a new business model for service firms where economic growth isn’t the main focus.

Moderator: Egbert Dommerholt

Video link: This lecture will be available to view online. A view link will be made available nearer to the time.

Language: English


During this session, we will ask business owners and entrepreneurs what role growth plays in their company. Is it possible to have a sustainable business model, a thriving business, and happy employees, all while shifting the focus away from growth?

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