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BRNL20220602014 – Dutch producer of electrical transporter vehicles is looking for potential outsourcing partners or joint venture or take over candidates

The Dutch organisation is the producer of a collection of electrical transportation vehicles for people and goods in all sorts of terrain. The vehicles typically have a maximum speed of up to 60 km/h and a range up to 80 kilometers. The company is looking for partners to outsource some of its production to, but is also interested to find partners to enter into joint venture or even a take over.


The organisation based in the Northern part of The Netherlands is the producer of several models of electric vehicles for the transport of personnel and goods. There are models for all kinds of terrain, speeds go up to 60 km/h offering a range of up to 80 kilometers.
There is considerable (international) demand for the companies products and therefore the organisational demand for production capacity is growing.

Currently the organisation has outsourced (part of) its production overseas, but it is looking for new partners that it can outsource its production to. For this specifically Eastern European countries have its interest.

If the partner is willing the company is also open to setting up a joint venture operation and also potentially a takeover of a suitable production facility is open for discussion.

Expected role of partner sought:

The company is looking for organizations that have experience in building similar or comparable products.and that are willing to work together in the form of a joint venture, or that of a take over. Also other organisations that can offer production capacity under an outsourcing agreement are of interest to the Dutch organisation.

For more information you can contact:

Marcel van der Kooi: m.d.van.der.kooi@pl.hanze.nl

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