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BRNL20220602004 – Dutch producer of soil investigation equipment and instruments is looking for partners to expand its production capacity by outsourcing, Joint venture or (partial) takeover

The company from the Netherlands is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of equipment and instruments for onshore and offshore soil investigation, predominantly based on the Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) technology. The company has grown considerably over the last few years and is now looking for partnering opportunities to expand its production capacity, either through outsourcing, joint venture or (partial) takeover.


The Dutch manufacturing company develops, manufactures and supplies high quality equipment and instruments for in situ geotechnical soil testing. Cone Penetration Testing, by origin a Dutch technology, forms the basis for the majority of their solutions that can be applied onshore, near-shore or offshore. The soil testing is mainly geared at foundation designs for construction purposes.

For almost 55 years, the company has been building their market leading position, mainly thanks to their innovative strengths. To sustain this strength and position the company has many in-house capabilities with full engineering and production departments under one roof.

The company offers a complete range of products:
– CPT equipment and tools, based on mechatronic solutions with combinations of smart mechanics, hydraulics and electronics. The equipments ranges from small hand-carried systems to heavy equipment (>20 tons) manufactured on a truck- or crawler chassis.
– Digital data acquisition/measuring systems and instruments with smart sensor technology applications to measure all kind of soil parameters.

The company has grown considerably over the last 5 years and has a current base of 55 employees. The company is capable of manufacturing most of their solutions in-house, but does rely more and more on outsourcing as their production capacity is insufficient and additional employees are very hard to find. To be less dependent on the current suppliers for outsourcing and on the shortages on the labour market, the company is looking for foreign expansion.

Expected role of partner sought:

The role of the partner sought will be to manufacture equipment (conform specifications of the organisation) either partly or as a whole. Cooperation can be:
– outsourcing on a case-by-case basis
– outsourcing on a structural basis with volume guarantees

– cooperation in a joint venture
– or even as a fully owned production satellite location.

Special attention goes to organisations in the following countries: Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czechia, Italy, Latvia, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia

For more information you can contact:

Marcel van der Kooi: m.d.van.der.kooi@pl.hanze.nl

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