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Dutch Eco-friendly personal care brand is looking for a sustainable Bamboo manufacturer

The Dutch SME offers a range of eco-friendly personal care products to European retailers and airlines. Products include items such as bamboo toothbrushes, combs, hairbrushes, cotton buds and soap dishes. Currently, this SME is sourcing bamboo manufacturers in India and Vietnam (or Europe) that can produce the above-mentioned items. The Dutch SME is offering a manufacturing agreement to reliable and sustainable manufacturers to build a long-lasting partnership.

The Dutch company, has a clear mission to reduce plastic pollution, by replacing disposable, daily-used plastic products with sustainable alternatives. The products, such as, bamboo toothbrushes, combs, hairbrushes, cotton buds and soap dishes are offered to retailers, airlines and consumers.
The company is looking for a bamboo manufacturer in India or Vietnam (or possibly European bamboo manufacturers!) with the following values and expertise.

Sustainability – is one of the key cornerstones of this company and thus they are looking for a partner that manufacturers their goods in an environmental-friendly way as much as possible. Doing both environmental and social audits are crucial here. This SME is therefore looking for partners who set great working standards for their colleagues and minimize the environmental footprint of their production (preferably with FSC and BSCI certification).

Quality and Innovation – are further cornerstones of this company, therefore they are looking for a manufacturer which operates with a robust Quality Assurance system, has a flawless QA track record and adheres to the highest international quality standards, to be audited by independent experts regularly.

In addition, the manufacturer must demonstrate the ability to evolve its product categories based on emerging consumer trends, create workable prototypes in short response times and have robust process to adjust production capacity to changing demand. Quantities range per product from initial test orders of 1.000 pcs to 100.000 pcs.

– Sustainable manufacturing process
– Quality Assurance production system
– FSC and BSCI certification (preferable)

The Dutch company is offering a manufacturing agreement to a sustainable bamboo manufacturer in India or Vietnam (or possibly European bamboo manufacturers!). The manufacturer can produce eco-friendly personal care products within a sustainable manufacturing process, Quality Assurance production system and peferably FSC and BSCI certified (or open to environmental and social audits).

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