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Singapore Globalstars call for projects with EUREKA countries

Following the success of the first EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call last year, Singapore and 14 EUREKA countries (Austria, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, UK) have launched a second open call, which will run until 15 October 2020.

Under this call, a Singapore company and a company from a participating EUREKA country can receive funding support from their respective funding organisations if their joint project is approved and awarded. Participants from Singapore and the respective EUREKA countries are invited to submit joint project proposals in the research and development of innovative products and applications with strong market potential.

The call for proposals will be an open call inviting projects from any sector area. The project consortium must involve at least one Singapore company and one company from the above participating EUREKA countries.

Please visit the EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call website for details:



Time Schedule for the call:

·       Deadline for Eureka Application: 15 October 2020

·       Applicants Informed: January 2021

Eureka label procedure and approval: January – February 2021


Information Webinar – 25 June 2020

An information webinar for the 2nd Eureka Globalstars-Singapore Call will be held on Thursday 25 June 2020 from 16.00 to 17.30 (SGT) / 10.00 to 11.30 (CEST). If you are a business from Singapore or one of the 14 participating EUREKA countries, and are interested in attending the webinar, please click here to register.


Find your EUREKA Project Partner

If you would like to seek a Singapore or EUREKA project partner for this call, please visit the EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call – Virtual Marketplace to post and search for project opportunities and connect with like-minded companies. B2B video meetings can be arranged between interested parties on the same platform.

Click here to sign up.

IPI, in partnership with Enterprise Singapore would also be glad to support you in identifying potential partners for your EUREKA GlobalStars project. Contact us.

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