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Free (Online) Lecture Degrowth & Education

24/11/2022 @ 16:30 - 18:00

​​​Could we do more with less? Do we need economic growth for our welfare? Or does our obsession with growth have the opposite effect? In a series of five lectures called ‘Will Degrowth Save the World?’ Egbert Dommerholt, together with guests, will try to answer these questions.

​This series of lectures was inspired by the book ‘Less is More’ by Jason Hickel. Every month, starting in September, two speakers will explore our peculiar obsession with economic growth through a different perspective. All talks will be held in English. This is the third lecture in the series: Degrowth & Education.

Degrowth & Education

Date: Thursday 24 November, 16:00 17:00

Location: Aula, VanDoorenveste (and online)



Sam de Muijnck als spreker bij Will Degrowth Save the World.Sam de Muijnck: Sam de Muijnck is a speaker and author, as well as the chief economist at the independent think tank Our New Economy. He spends a lot of time thinking about and discussing ways we could reform how we teach economics. He is the co-author of the book ‘Economy Studies: A Guide to Rethinking Economics Education‘ and was the chair of the Dutch branch of the international student movement Rethinking Economics.

Two representatives from the International Business School and the Institute of Life Science and Technology will also join the conversation to share their perspective on degrowth within our educational system.

ModeratorNiels Faber: Niels Faber is one of the researchers at the Biobased Business Valorisation Research Group, and works on the organisational aspects of sustainability in the circular economy, informing topics such as new organisational models in the circular economy, the transition to the circular economy, and measuring progress in that transition.

Video link: This lecture will be available to view online. A view link will be made available nearer to the time.

Language: English



How can we change the educational system (and with it, the future workforce) so that sustainability, social equity, progress and welfare are the primary objectives? And does growth have a part to play in this ideal picture? What does the future generation need from its educators? It feels like looking into a crystal ball, but anticipating the future generation’s needs is exactly what educational professional do best. In this session, three experts weigh in on this multi-faceted issue.

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