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Eurostars cut-off 6 funding results: 108 projects representing a total of € 161 M invested in innovative products. With 374 applications received, the overall success rate for projects in this evaluation round was 28%.

As a result of the evaluation, a total of 344 entities will participate, the vast majority of them being SMEs (69%), followed by universities (15%), research institutes (9%), large companies (5%) and other entities (1%). SMEs will be in charge of 81% of the project budgets.

These are the results of the latest evaluation round for applications (cut-off 6) to the Eurostars-2 programme supporting international innovation projects led by research and development (R&D) performing SMEs.

Main tech areas and countries

A total of 34 successful projects will create innovative products, services or processes in life sciences. This is the highest share for a tech area, followed by industrial projects (26), ICT (24), energy (12) and environment (11).

The top five countries involved in a Eurostars collaboration are Germany, with 32 projects, the Netherlands (29), Denmark (22), France (21), and Switzerland (20).

Since 2014, Eurostars-2 has supported a total of 579 projects worth around € 1 billion.

Full, detailed data per country and cut-off

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