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Onze Deense collega’s van het Enterprise Europe Network hebben laten weten dat er 36 bedrijven zijn geselecteerd om te pitchen tijdens het European Food Venture Forum in Aarhus, Denemarken.

Meer dan 12 bedrijven zijn door de Enterprise Europe Network collega’s geïnformeerd over dit event en geselecteerd voor deelname. Drie daarvan komen uit Nederland. Een overzicht van alle deelnemers is te vinden op de website van de organisatie, zie ook het persbericht hieronder voor meer informatie. We wensen alle deelnemers veel succes!

Foulum, Denmark – July 2nd 2014

Booming interest for food innovation

Aarhus FVFWhat are we going to eat in the future? How do we unite proud traditions with development and research? How do we get enough protein on a global scale – in a sustainable way? The answer is food innovation, being not only good for public health and the environment – but also for the economy. The interest has never been bigger according to the number of applicants for European Food Venture Forum, where the international food industry will meet in Aarhus.

European Food Venture Forum is the venue where 36 selected, international entrepreneurs are presenting their ideas for a panel of leading investors and business experts.
Eco-innovation, processing of foods, food safety, health, functional foods, nutrition, self-sufficiency, sustainability, and waste management is among the challenges entrepreneurs are offering solution to.
European Food Venture Forum is the sole event in Europe where venture companies meet within the food industry. In other words, this is where the world come together to put innovation, entrepreneurship, and business cooperation in the food industry on the agenda. And it makes good sense that Denmark will be European center for food innovation:
-Denmark is the world’s third-largest food cluster. In fact, food accounts for 25% of our total export. We are a country with proud agricultural and innovation traditions, and the potential for entrepreneurship in the bio-based economy is enormous. The proof is the interest from the investors, according to innovation manager Gyda Bay from Future Food Innovation, who is behind the event together with 10 other partners.

Growth and jobs
European Food Venture Forum strengthens the ties between the actors of the food industry and creates a strong business to business network to accelerate innovation in the food industry. The Minister of Food, Dan Jørgensen, confirms this point:
-I am very pleased about an initiative like European Food Venture Forum, which secures entrepreneurship and innovation in the industry and also create growth and jobs in the future, says Dan Jørgensen.
Also among the international participants the expectations for this year’s EFVF are big:
-It is a completely unique opportunity to network, exchange experiences, and get feedback from the best entrepreneurs and investors in the food industry, so that we can become even clearer on our concept. It is crucial for us to be ahead of the innovation happening on the European market, and we expect that it will really give us insight into both the market and our own profile, explains Theo Aanhane, CEO of the Dutch company Nsure BV, who develops quality testing for food and was recruited for EFVF by a Dutch Enterprise Europe Network partner.

The interest is booming

European Food Venture Forum is having its third year in Aarhus, the city that at the same time hosts Food Festival, and the interest is booming. In fact, the conference is the biggest of its kind and organizers have already now received three times as many applications as at the same time last year.
– We experience an increasing interest from the food businesses, who are looking for competencies and capital growth. FFI has so far supported 22 food businesses with funds to create growth and jobs. Two of these projects were at European Food Venture Forum last year, and one of them is currently negotiating with Nestlé Venture, Gyda Bay points out.
Among the partners are Europe Unlimited, Danish Food Cluster, Future Food Innovation, Arla, Enterprise Europe Network, The Food Accelerator, Kromann&Reumert, Aarhus Municipality, Invest in Denmark, Foodbest and Aarhus University.

Read more about the event at http://www.e-unlimited.com/events/view.aspx?events_pages_id=2731

About Future Food Innovation
Future Food Innovation’s mission is to bring companies, knowledge and users together developing innovative and health promoting products.
FFI manages Differentieringspuljen, which contributes to production and marketing of food products of high quality and value. The aim is to strengthen the innovation power and secure an international competitive food industry.

Read more at www.futurefoodinnovation.dk

Further information
Gyda Bay, Innovation Manager, Future Food Innovation, Agro Business Park, 2441 7262, gb@agropark.dk
Kathrine Vejgaard Stage, Site Manager, Agro Business Park, 3050 3625, kvs@agropark.dk

Photobyline: Got Fat Productions.

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