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BRNL20220624005 – Dutch company in the marine industry is looking for manufacturing partners for wooden furniture and accessories.

For a majority of their existing product range – wooden accessories and furniture – they are looking for a manufacturer who can produce in series, with an emphasis on quality and finish. Their products are mainly used outdoors and are weather-resistant. Preferred wood species ideally include teak, accoya, iroko and so on.

Full description

The company has been operating in the international nautical sector for nearly 50 years. They are a renowned participant in the European market where it comes to selling teak accessories and furniture. Their products are marketed by way of a variety of stores, webshops, shipyards and distributors. Where right now their products are manufactured in the Far East, they are searching for European manufacturers. Each year they purchase roughly eight 40FT containers; a volume which is expected to grow.

They attach great value to quality, finish and a long product life. The designs they deliver have been produced by them. Each year they issue a new catalogue that contains their full product range and of course their novelties.

Their furniture collection would ideally be produced using a fine wood species which is fit for outdoor use and resists various weather conditions. All items must be foldable and readily assembled and they must arrive in fine, neat packing.

Accompanying accessories must be made of the same wood species as used for the furniture itself. This category for instance includes storage racks for drinking glasses, magazines, tablets, toilet rolls and so on.

The final product category includes boat finishing parts. Examples are handgrips, finishing profiles and sections and wooden grids.

We work with a large assortment of individual products but are happy to agree to a pre-set production / purchase schedule.

Expected role of partner sought:

The Dutch company offers a commercial and/or supplier agreement to potential partners with manufacturing facilities for wooden furniture and accessories and a long-term cooperation with mutual trust being the starting-point.

The partner will act as a manufacturer on behalf of the Dutch company. The client expects a high quality product which meets all their desired requirements and functionalities.

For more information you can contact:

Ellen Wermink – Ellen@horizonflevoland.nl

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