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Crowdsourcing @ Panasonic is a dedicated open innovation platform for Panasonic Singapore. It is a call to action for global start-ups, SMEs, and research institutes with the relevant technology or innovative solutions to address Panasonic’s challenge statements.

Challange Statement

The Beauty and Personal Care Division (BCBD) of Panasonic Corporation is seeking novel electromagnetic technologies to incorporate into personal care devices for the following applications listed in order of priority: 

1. Skin and Beard Care:

Skin care

  • To reduce and prevent acne; to reduce sebum secretion, pore care.
  • For anti-aging; Improved skin texture, tone and elasticity.

Beard care

  • To achieve elastic/healthy beard, and maintain smooth healthy skin after shaving. 

2. Hair and Oral care:

Hair care

  • To achieve soft & silky(rebounds readily/strong/elastic) hair, grey hair reduction, odour removal and
    stimulate hair growth

Oral care

  • To achieve plaque and odour removal, periodontal disease improvement and general dental well being. 


3. Health care:

For slimming effects, reduce shoulder stiffness, reduce general fatigue and pain, and improve walking function.  


Possible Solution

In order of priority,

1. The technology to be incorporated into the personal care devices should utilise electromagnetic waves, with wavelengths ranging from greater than 780nm to the microwave region. 

2. The technology to be incorporated into the personal care devices should utilise electromagnetic waves, with wavelengths ranging from greater than 400nm to the microwave region, in combination with either electricity and/or magnetism and/or ultrasound.   

Desired Outcome

It is preferred that a minimally viable prototype is available, with the safety of the prototype verified through internationally recognized tests and/or animal studies. 

Development Timeframe

A 3-phase approach will be adopted for this challenge:

  • Phase 1: Demonstration of Prototype
  • Phase 2: Selection of the most favorable solution based on a financial feasibility study, application suitability,
    collaboration viability
  • Phase 3: Further co-development of Prototype to TRL8/9 + Test-bed and Launch within a few year at with Panasonic

Additional Info

Mode of Collaboration:

  • Different modes of collaboration can be explored ranging from co-innovation, licensing and white labelling depending on the Technology Readiness of the technology. 

How to apply?

Enterprise Europe Network The Netherlands and – Singapore welcome Dutch organisations to submit their proposal via the following website: Crowdsourcing @ Panasonic. Please submit your proposal before 17 February 2023, 5:00 PM (GMT+8).

For more information please contact Enterprise Europe Network The Netherlands, Mr Bryan Raghoe,

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